12. We Just Can’t Fail

There is no such thing as failure, but only lessons and growth.

This is such an amazing concept, because it means we don’t have to be afraid of failing.

We are the only obstacle we put in front of ourselves. The moment we decide not to bring ourselves down with our own negative thinking, we only have success in front of us.

Success is made up with trials and errors, not with perfection.

All those sweat and tears make the whole journey and the success even more meaningful.

I am spending my money and squeezing my brain to learn and grow with my eCommerce journey. Sometimes I feel like full of hope and excitement, sometimes I feel like going nowhere and standing in the middle of fog. But I am learning to cherish every moment of it, because I know it is only going to make me deeper internally, richer in my story and higher in my value. Therefore every step I take is exciting, because I know where I am heading. Even if it’s muddy, rocky and steep that make me sweaty, dirty and tired, because I know it will make me stronger and add more colour to my book, I am grateful and happy to face some more experiences. Being perfect and taking a short cut is not only boring, but also removing the uniqueness which results in lowering the value. Generic cookie cutter products have no future. My book, my movie is going to be a piece of art that warms everyone’s heart in history.

I am thankful for courage within me and willingness to learn and grow more.



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