11. Consistency Rewards with the Power of Compounding

Time is the most important ingredient of anything valuable.

A relationship built up over time births a history and it’s something can’t be bought. It is very priceless and powerful.

Time solidifies trust and strengthens values. It also rewards vastly, because consistency takes self-discipline, high focus, and passion.

We all know about the power of compounding both in growing wealth and debt.

How about compounding of time? It’s also very powerful if it’s not more.

Working out ever day is a sure way to lose weight, but the result only shows after some time.

It takes patience.

It’s like pouring water into a half full sand box. The box doesn’t start visibly filling up right away. We pour a bucket or two, often more, but water seems to just disappear. People usually give up after a few and stop pouring more water in, because it doesn’t show. But when we know it’s being collected, we need to trust it and continue. It will eventually show. The sand will be soon under the water.

Consistency is a proof of trust, self-control and well used time. Since time is the most valuable commodity we have given, when it is respected and used the right way, we always get rewarded and we do so greatly.

Grateful for the generous universe and our ability to create our own destiny.


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