9. Right on Time

Trust the timing the universe hands you. It is always the best timing.

We won’t be able to understand how it would be at the moment, but we will eventually get to see how perfectly everything was articulated after some time had passed. After all we can only see the shape of the mountain from the distance.

I am grateful for everything happened in my life and how they happened. Even if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t want to change anything including embarrassing mistakes I made. I would want to make the same mistake at the exact time the same way I did. Because that’s how I’ve become who I am now.

Everyone has difference ability and capacity, so the absolute best of someone measures in all different sizes and shapes. Whatever the life gives me, I will handle it with my complete best attitude and quality.

I am feeling blessed and thankful that we are fully covered and accepted by mother nature. As her children, we just need to thrive with her nourishment and that is exactly what I will continue to do.


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