7. Always a Full Tank of Gas

Life is really like a journey. We are like vehicles and our ultimate goal is the destination. We make decisions along the way which road to take and decide the lane and speed. We make mistakes from time to time and our driving skills get improved as we drive more and more.

Then what fuels the vehicle? It’s our desire and passion for the destination.

And where do we recharge when it’s low? We could purchase from a gas station and people tend to think that it is the only way to fill up. It is common to think that we need to buy it and that it always costs money to keep going.

But it’s not true. We don’t have to pay a single dime, in fact. High achievers on the fast lane already know this. Slow driving vehicles that purchase gas often look at those who go by like bullets and think “Geez, they are crazy. They don’t look like they are gunna stop and gas up. This could be the last gas station, but they just fly by. What they are doing is impossible.”

The people on the fast land are indeed not going to stop to gas up. They have zero intention of slowing down a tiny bit, Because they know better. They are not going to waste time for unnecessary purchase while getting behind on the schedule that they have planned for themselves. There is no need to buy fuel. Because our mind is the reservoir of the best fuel that supports any type of vehicle. Our mind is the infinite source of the top quality fuel. We all have it in abundance and have access to it anytime anywhere.

Only thing we need is knowing where we want to go and decide how fast we are going to go. We don’t need to worry about they type of vehicle, or even the skills. It’s a long drive, we will get enough practice. We will get better as we go. The vehicle type doesn’t matter, because it’s all about how we maintain and how we drive it.

We don’t need to worry about what other drivers are thinking at all, because they are just busy going their way and what they think is irrelevant. Don’t worry about looking like a fool by your mistakes, either. You can be the best skilled driver in the world, but you will still make a “stupid” move when you drive in a new location with different settings and rules. We just adopt and adjust as we go. We just want to get to the destination on time safely while enjoying the ride.

I am grateful for being given the unlimited source of fuel.

My ride has been wonderful and this is only the beginning.


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