6. Too Many Tabs Opened

I keep multiple windows minimized with many tabs opened on each window. I just can’t close them. Otherwise I might forget about it and it saves time. I can always hop back on it when I need it.

I have several bookmarks and collections of pictures on Pinterest, too.

I’ve been storing them because “I am going to revisit when I need them.”

Do I ever, though?

Does a thought that popped into my head from time to time ever finish running its full course?

It’s sadly a proven study that our attention span has been alarmingly shortened since we became dependant on smartphones.

We don’t remember or finish anything anymore.

We have so much information freely available at our finger tips anytime anywhere, yet not everyone is making exponential growth or changes and I think the study explains why.

We are hoarders – on the Internet space. Some are hoarders in real life with physical stuff, but electronically majority of people have too many pictures, too many Word documents and other numerous files that will NOT ever going to be looked at again. I am not totally free from this, either. We just keep collecting and collecting, because we feel that we are going to revisit them “someday”.

This kind of a behaviour prevents us from using our own mind and making progress. We think about something, nothing happens to it due to no actions taken, and we move on. We used to be NOT okay about it, but we learned to get used to it. This is not right.

Remember back in the day, when we just couldn’t think of the name of the song that you swear God, you DO know, but you just couldn’t think of it right at the second??? It bothered the hell out of you. Now we can just Google it and find out about it in one second, but it means we don’t use our brain to remember things anymore. Now when we can’t remember things, we don’t even have time to feel bothered, because we are already on Google to find out about it. We have become “okay” with the fact that we couldn’t remember. The step to feel bothered isn’t even there.

If we have many things we want to do, but when we don’t make action about them, it SHOULD bother us. “Thankfully” for the tabs and bookmarks, we can just save them all for “later”. The problem is that later often becomes never.

When we decide we would do something, and if we don’t make actions about it, it is the same as telling our subconscious mind that not getting what we want or not doing anything about what we want is the norm and it is okay. But it is not true. Even if it was, it is certainly not something that we want to repeatedly say to ourselves all the time.

Our subconscious mind must think that we always get what we want and manifest what we desire to obtain for anything. Then we will truly receive the result we want, because it is just how it should be for the subconscious mind. Our mind works like magic. We ALWAYS get what we want. It’s a survival instinct. We must get our hands on whatever we think about. So we make it happen – to “survive”. Back in the day, it used to be food and shelter. Now the high achievers and successful people, make their visions happen, because they have practiced it and because they use their mind at work. It’s like auto-pilot. We just need to give the order by thinking about it and focusing on them. It will happen.

I truly believe that the moment we master ourselves, that will be when we start living the life that we designed.

I am on the track to do exactly that and I am grateful.



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