5. Everything Happens For a Reason

It is not easy to see how the event is supposed to benefit us when it just happened, especially when the event isn’t so positive.

Some slow us down and some even hurt our feelings.

But after some time has passed and when the dust settles down, we can see better. We can then make sense of it all.

Things happen to just about everybody. It is not about what happens, but it is about how we handle it.

We just need to handle it the best way possible and don’t lose who we are. As long as we know which direction we are heading, any obstacles can be overcome. A steep hill could show up on our way to our desired destination. Instead of being discouraged, we just need to climb up and go pass it. After all, going up the hill would have not only made us stronger, given us the chance to feel the cooler air and a spectacular view at the top.

We should desire to have more skills instead of hoping for an easier path.

We just need to trust what life hands us is good for us in the bigger picture and master it with flying colours.

I am thankful for life sometimes pushing me out of my comfort zone, because without it, I would have been the same old me who is further from the best version of myself.

Thank you.


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