4. Butterfly Effect

Jim Rohn has said that murder has a life altering impact and it happens to be a negative impact. There are also things that impact positively and change one’s life forever.

Early July last year, I was frustrated. In January to March, I was putting all my time and energy into my projects for my goals, and my projects were growing exponentially and I was learning so much every minute of each day. But since I joined the workforce full time at the end of March due to fear, I stopped making progress and my goals started collecting dust. It literally ached my soul. I started getting regular pay cheques again which provided me a sense of security, but I wasn’t happy.  I had to do something.

I have put myself through school part time while working full time. I’ve done it and I could do it again. Either way I had to make it work. So I decided to join a small business incubator program hoping that it will help me with my struggles and jump start my business. I was reluctant at the beginning, because it was going to cost me money and it required me to commit whole evening once a week. I thought “Well July is near and this is my first summer in Vancouver. I should take this summer off and join in September.”

Then I came to remember that a lot can happen in couple of months. I really shouldn’t take time to slack while abandoning my vision and goals. There is no such thing as maintenance. It is going to be either grow or perish. I had to make action NOW. About money, if it is going to deliver ideas that are valuable, I should pay money for it. If I wanted it to be free, I shouldn’t expect it to have too much value then. Everything takes place in a form of exchange. It has to be fair. Also I am not only getting the information, I am joining the group to gain access to their network. As an investor and a customer of their business, I can leverage my membership as my advantage. It was uncomfortable, but I had to get over it to reach for my vision. So I faithfully took initiation with courage and this little decision resulted in changing my life massively.

It was a small decision and it had a huge meaning behind it. It was a gesture of supporting and respecting my vision and showcasing my confidence and belief in myself and my future. I think that was why it had such a great chain reaction. It was a right decision for myself. And now that I think about it, it could be just saying no to cookies or joining the gym. As long as the decision is a faithful decision that nourishes our being, I believe that we always get rewarded and we do so in abundance.


So what happened after joining the program?

It wasn’t a five start program, but it did have valuable informations in it and it is not the point. I ended up joining a mastermind group through the program and from the meetings, a name Tim Ferriss came up. “Who the hell is Tim Ferriss?” They couldn’t believe how uninformed I was when I was supposed to be an “entrepreneur”. I looked him up and recognized the book cover, the 4 hour workweek. That was the book I’ve been keeping in my wish list on Amazon for years. I didn’t know what the book was about, but I read a lot of good reviews about it. That was when I wanted to start reading books and browsed the bestseller book section to decide what to pick up. I wasn’t into non-fictions, so naturally I came across his book and I was sold on his book by a number of positive reviews. But I never actually picked it up. I didn’t even know who the author was.

3-4 years later, the book came up to me again. A member of my mastermind group shared a video of him and it happened to be about him evaluating other entrepreneurs’ ideas and one of the cases on that particular episode was about bamboo toothbrushes which was the item I was preparing myself to start supplying in Canada! What are the chances!

I was hooked. He had that confidence, intelligence and the voice I like. I instantly became a fan of him. I should have become his student  instead like I am now, but I wasn’t quite there yet. Anyway, I watched many videos of him. What did I not do? I still didn’t get his book. I put off again for “later”.

Fast forward to the beginning of October, it was when I was feeling bored and lonely. Why didn’t I revisit my projects? I was looking at the other direction. At that time, I realized that I wasn’t really having “fun”. I’m in my prime and should be meeting all guys and let the good ones pamper me, I thought. But how the hell am I gunna meet them? I wasn’t a pub goer, or a member of any activity groups. There were only three places I go: work, gym, and grocery store. Long story short, despite my distrust, I joined one online dating app. Why? Because I saw a video of Tim Ferriss personally using it. I mean if Tim goes on that app? It should be okay, right? He was probably sponsored to do that, but still. It was enough nudge for me, so I joined and started getting messages.

There were too many. There was no way I was going to go through all of those messages nor do they worth my time! The quality level of the messages were a joke. It was time consuming with no fruit. So I decided to just pick top five and go from there.

Fast forward again, there was one more besides my top five selection. He was not in the same country, but I liked his picture and our conversation. So I decided to accept his request to voice chat one day and the chat lasted for five hours. It was my first time talking to a guy that long. We were really alike. I knew I wasn’t going to date him, but I really enjoyed our conversations. I ended up dating one of the five, so our talk stopped during that time, but we picked it up again when dating the guy fizzled out. Our calls became video chats and eventually we were talking regularly. Our talk was always about wealth building ideas, self-development and health, the topics that I enjoy talking about and could talk for hours about. We shared and learned a lot from each other. It was a true beneficial masterminding experience.

Finally I picked up Tim’s book and listened to his podcast, too. It naturally complimented one of our topics which was achieving financial freedom. He was already talking about freeing himself and gaining mobility as a step towards the financial freedom and his plan made total sense to me. I mean it wasn’t at first. It sounded too wild. But I was excited by the idea and intrigued to see him doing it. Couple of months later, I made a decision to do the same and look where I am now.


So the small decision to save my vision and do something about it really served me well. It really did. It was a life altering decision that impacted me positively forever.

I am thankful for the universe giving us anything and everything we need as long as we know exactly what we want and how we want it. All we need to have is faith in our future, respect ourselves, courage to make action and gratitude for everything.



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