3. We Are Magnets

When I tried online dating, I eventually realized that it was not the right way to find my lifelong partner in crime. Because I felt like they just happened to stumble upon my way, not magnetized towards me.


When we work hard on ourselves and focus strongly on our own goals, right things, right events, and, right people happen. I don’t think it’s coincidence or luck. I strongly feel that it’s science.

Because we are like magnets.


Everything is a make up of energy: things, thoughts and us. Everything.

Like attracts like, so it is important to only focus on what we like and what we want more of, because they are going to be the make up of our magnetic charge.

So as we go along and live our lives, some things and some people just naturally get pulled towards us. Like how magnets attracts iron and nickel. We attract what we are supposed to attract.

And the more we focus on ourselves, the stronger our charge is going to get. The bigger the passion is, the more often we are likely to encounter people who are similar, because the passion literally screams. It just shows. The whole energy and the person becomes all about it. Since I have realized who I am and who I want to be, “my kind of people” just stand out in the streets. I can tell by how they walk, talk and dress. (Voice and tonality usually give away the most.) We usually end up locking eyes for a brief moment, because we recognize each other. We are on the same frequency. Since then, nothing bothers me, either. Like if someone random says or do something that would have gotten a rise out of me, now it just goes through me, because I know it’s irrelevant. Whatever it is doesn’t change who I am and it shouldn’t. It has been a big time saver, too. Now I only engage with what vibes with me.

To use my internet dating experience as an example, I met some guys from there and a few ones were really nice people. But naturally-speaking, we were not supposed to be together. If a guy were a piece of wood, and I were a magnet and if he landed on me somehow, he will be on me for the time being, but if I were to roll down the hill for some reason, the wood will not stay on me, because it’s not meant to stick to a magnet.

If a guy were a metal nail, however, whether I’m rolling or swimming, it will be attached to me until I lose my charge.

So my take away from the experience was that I will not emotionally get attached to someone who hasn’t been magnetized to my inner magnet. Instead of looking after it, I will work on strengthening my magnetic charge, so that the right one will inevitably get attracted to me. It will be the right way to pick out the right kind most effectively and efficiently. Another benefit of this is that when my charge is strong, my partner and I will have such a strong bond, too. I just can’t wait!!!


Since I came to Thailand, I’ve been implementing good habits that will make me better and put me toward my goals closer over time. I am spending every minute of a day on myself and on my goals and it feels amazing. It’s been a journey of strengthening my magnetic charge since day 1. (Well technically since Day 11, because I was settling in for the first week or so, but you know what I mean.)

So for that, I am grateful. I would like to thank for this life enhancing opportunity and experience. This kind of life style is opened to everyone, but it’s not common. It took courage and I’m glad I’ve taken the challenge. I want my life to be different, so I needed to change myself, because if I don’t change, my life won’t change. Waiting for the life to change while not changing myself would be a plan with no result.

I want to be successful and I’ve heard that “Success leaves clues”, so I am going to follow them. If I replicate what other successful people did, I’m sure I will be one of them before I realize.

Thankful and excited.










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