2. Life is Really Like a Movie

We are directors of the movie. The camera is our focus and attitude towards surroundings. We are also writers. The scripts are what we do, say and think.

If we focus on other people’s life, they are going to be the protagonist in OUR movie. Watching what Kardashian is eating for lunch? What the stupid coworker said to the boss? Whatever it is, if we zoom in on it and take our time to focus on it, it is going to be part of our movie.

Some movies are great and some are not. What makes a great movie? Good storyline, good angle and setting, good acting and so on.
In order to have a good storyline, we need to have a theme. What is your movie all about? If there is no certain direction the plot is heading towards, no excitement will be created. Rather it is going to be just like a surveillance video footage at a local mall. No one wants to watch that, even the filmmaker will not watch the whole thing.
Good angle and setting could be arranged by having a great attitude. When our mind is opened to all aspects with respect, positive and accepting with the attitude of willingness to have fun and enjoy, whatever we decide to film will be shown as the type of filter and angle we’ve implemented.
Good actors are good actors because they convey true emotions and transfer passion. We need to be passionate as we live our lives. When we think about it, everyday should be a celebration. Each morning we are given another day to live, we have the sun again, and possibilities are limitless. They are enough reasons to be happy, grateful and passionate, isn’t it? Passion brings anything to life and add colours. It’s a spice to the plain flour dough called “life”. It’s totally up to us what to add and how we are going to decorate it. We have all the ingredients we will ever need. Mother nature has given everything to us in abundance. We just need to have the heat called “passion” to bake it.

I am just grateful that we can be anything we want, do anything we want, with anything we want, at anywhere we want, with whomever we want, for how long we want, as long as we have the willingness to make it happen.

I am thankful for the ability to think for myself, to know what I want, and to get what I want. When we have faith, the universe reciprocates and it does in abundance.

As I was driving towards Vancouver from Calgary, I was in the middle of the giant mountains and suddenly I realized that we are children of this world and the mother nature. Our mother nature nourishes and accepts, while the world such as society, and technology provides us with all the things that make our lives fun and comfortable. Sometimes the world hurts the mother nature with pollution and such, but mother nature always eventually heals and accommodates. She finds a way to work around it or gets rid of it. She either accepts it or destroy it. Either way, she does it completely.

We as their children only need to grow and enjoy. If a baby can’t grow because of the worries of paying bills and the morning traffic jam, wouldn’t it be absurd? All and only thing the baby needs to do is put what’s going on aside and just get nourish by the mother and enjoy what the father provides. Same thing, we need to trust and have a faith completely that the universe has got our back. No worries, but only gratitude and happiness.

I am grateful for the mother nature’s total acceptance and the ample amount of support along with what our human minds have come to in this era.


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