1. Mobility + Time = Freedom

Now I don’t have a fixed address. I have all my belongings with me and I can leave whenever for wherever.

It took a huge chunk of time to become this way though. I spent easily over a month to sort my stuff to determine what to keep, what to sell, what to give away and what to bring with. Then I also figured out where to keep which items, how to sell them, and whom to give them to. Then I actually moved them, took pictures, posted ads, sold and sent them. At the same time I also experimented by actually living out of my backpack for a week while living in the city with all my stuff available just to see if my final selections are sufficient.

Going through every single item and contemplating itself took so much time. I was mentally revisiting every memory with it and had to decide whether I want to keep the physical stuff or not. After all, we keep stuff more for the memory other than its function, so I took pictures of them, said good bye, and let go off them physically. Surprisingly, this process has been very therapeutic. This step has given me a chance to re-evaluate my life – relationships, finance, goals and everything. Now I have a clear picture of what is important to me and for what or whom I am willing to spent my precious time or space. We only have so much time in a day and we can carry only so much when we are mobile. This process has enabled me to see my goals more clearly and now that there is no more clutters before them, I can more easily obtain them.

It has been truly liberating. I am not attached to anything. I can freely go anywhere whenever I want. And because I have more time, I get to think more deeply and it results in better outcome and bigger satisfaction for anything.

It really took courage to pursue this kind of life. Because it is totally against the “norm”. Leaving what I know and what I’m comfortable with means I am going to face the unknown. Uncertainty doesn’t feel safe. But if I wanted a different life, I have to take a different measure. Plus because it wasn’t easy, I get to experience a bigger joy after overcoming the fear. I feel strong and empowered. When I took my life in charge with my own hands, the feeling of it is indescribable. After all, FEAR is only “Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real.”

So thank myself for my courage, faith, motivation, and burning desire for a better life.

Aug 1, 2017

Chiang Mai, Thailand




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