Day 2. Self-care is the Best Gift

Today has been a relaxing day.

I slept in, took care of some banking and tax stuff, and purchased another flight ticket. Because my day ended up starting at 10 a.m., I had such a short day. That’s why I love early mornings and always (well almost always) get up early in the morning. When a day starts early, I tent to be more focused and productive, too. I just love the feeling of getting ahead and getting many things done in a shorter time.

In the evening, I had a friend over for hot tubbing and catching up. With such a short time left in Canada, every minute and every sentence felt special and four hours passed by like a bolting man whose hair was on fire.

We had a good chat as usual and exchanged book recommendations later in my room. I know we will see each other again, but sending her away was still hard on my heart.

Having a like minded person who is doing the right things and taking such great care of herself is truly a blessing. As Jim Rohn said, self-care is the best gift you can give to the people around you, because it makes everything better.

Thankful for knowing a great soul like her, having her as a friend and a good energy we create together every time we get together.



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