Week 1: A Blank Cheque


My life has been an easy breezy sailing when I look back on my childhood. Thanks to my loving yet over bearing parents, I always had everything I needed and wanted in abundance. With my only sibling being older and a boy, all I was expected to do was just being happy and enjoying all the love, support and resources given to me. I still think that being the only girl and the youngest in a family is such a blessing lol which spoils the heck out of a young lady. I am very lucky to be able to say this, because as I get older, I realize that it is actually quite rare. (Thank you mum and dad!)



In my last year in high school, I felt like I have been such a flower in a green house. I felt like I need to get out there in the “real” world and see stuff and experience things. I wanted to expand my horizon. I wanted to grow as a whole, independent living-being which I felt like wouldn’t be possible staying where I was then.

I successfully convinced my parents to send me away to learn English. That’s how my journey began.


The Rocky mountain was big and handsome enough to keep me voluntarily captivated for a decade in Calgary, but I had found myself in such a comfort with zero challenge again. I needed to push my boundaries to grow bigger, do more and be better.


It’s been one and a half year in Vancouver now. I felt like it flew by so quickly, but at the same time, I can’t believe how much has taken place within such a short period of time, because a lot has happened in my life inside out and around! I am just so grateful and happy for every moment and every interaction came into my life. I couldn’t be more thankful and blessed.

Moving here has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. This city honestly has everything – connections, resources, support, the vibe, close proximity to anything and anywhere. An opulent city life and awesome nature explorations both in the mountains and the sea could be enjoyed here simultaneously. I feel very lucky that I have found a good life here and how much it has allowed me to grow. I don’t think I’m done with this city just yet. I know I am coming back.


I always wanted to have the experience living in a developing country. And as an Asian, I felt like I should go see other parts of Asia as if it would somehow “complete” me or something. Not sure why and how, but anyway I always had a strong desire and intention to not just travel but have lived in somewhere in South East Asia. My whole life has been in a city with everything and anything available at anytime. I need to put myself in a different environment to learn more about myself and so that eventually “master” myself. I am curious to see how I would adopt myself in a new surroundings, especially when things are different in a whole different level.

I don’t have any other responsibilities other than myself right now, so I’m going to pursue it when I still have this idea on my mind, before some other distraction barges in. I have been waiting for the “perfect” timing to travel, but we all know deep down that there is no such thing. No amount of money and time will give the sense of “perfect timing”. So I am just going to seize it before it evaporates.


It was decided that I will be moving away this year, but the exact date wasn’t established just yet. The idea itself was still quite new and I needed to let it sink in first. But I didn’t want to take too much time either. After all, when you have a set date, you become more motivated and it is easier to stick with it. So today I set the date and feel so free.

Very excited about the next chapter in my life and grateful more than ever.


Every day is indeed a gift.

Every day is basically a Christmas opening a gift.

Life is wonderful and I am grateful.

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