Day 1. Reset

I wouldn’t dare to have audacity to start from the previous count.

It wouldn’t be right.

It wouldn’t be righteous, because I admittedly have left.


I have learned a lot though. I would say it was expensive.

Just ask my heart.



So I’m hitting the reset button and start counting from Day 1.



I didn’t start this for the readers.

I just needed to express.

I wanted to share it with the Universe, but not with the people I know.

It had to be private, so I chose the Internet.


It was like shouting into the space. I guess it was more like whispering to the stars at night. Someone might have heard it, but it didn’t really matter. The point of it was to let out, not to be answered.


The Universe has reciprocated, however.


I have experienced the magic, that’s why I am restarting.


It’s worth it.



One of the lessons I have learned recently:


Know who you are and don’t change for anyone else.

The moment you lose yourself, that’s when you lose your shine.

Find your True North and follow. Once you know your direction, it wouldn’t matter where you are now and who or what is around you at the moment. As long as you know that you haven’t arrived and you are on your way, you will be just fine no matter what.

Knowing your direction is so important. Some people can’t even leave the block because of the blindness and deafness by the shiny, good smelling, delicious distractions. When you look up and look at the airplane going by your head, it could be too late.



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