Day 137: Only Think in Opulence

Uncertainty is often scary. We all want security and need to feel safe before anything.

When it comes to money, having steady income is what many give up on following their dreams for. Because leaving a job that provides bi-weekly paycheques no matter what means not having the comfort of receiving the money regularly. It takes a big chunk of our day, but we trade our time for it. I don’t think it’s worth it.


I have been wanting to allocate my time better so that I can get two birds with one stone: my full-time job and my business. Since I have managed to get myself college education part-time while holding a full-time job, I was confident to do it again.

But it wasn’t entirely about time. Building a business requires a totally different energy level that goes beyond just accepting information that is being fed to me. There were many other elements to it as well. I need to work around and with my idea to make it become tangible that generates revenue . It requires skills, time, focus, thoughts, plans, action, connection, thinking process, discussion, research, digestion, experiment and so on.


I am deeply and truthfully grateful and happy with my job. To me, job is not about making money. It is more about making a difference with people I can connect with for the organization/goal I can proud of working towards. What I do, where I do it or how big or small of a paycheque isn’t my main concern for me.

Because I love and thank Canada, I was happy to work for the government. Because I am passionate about nature, I was grateful to belong in Water Services. Because I really like my colleagues, I was excited to go to work everyday. But deep down I was not satisfied. I felt like spending 8.5 hours daily was too much for me. Despite my appreciation, I still have my goals and dreams for myself and time was limited. I wanted to be happier.

People around me would do anything to be in my position, but I have to go. I have bigger visions and goals. I just can’t continue to trade my precious time for money anymore.

I have nothing to lose now. I don’t have any other responsibilities other than myself. I’m still young and I have vivid visions and passion. It has to be now. There is no perfect timing, so I’m just gunna jump start.

Life is what we make of it. We manifest our thoughts. Our own believes are the only fuel or obstacles. Nothing else.


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