Day 136: Breaking out of the Shell

Growth takes place outside of comfort zone.

I am very private and more of a listener than a speaker. Also I voice my opinion only when it’s required, so it is rare to hear me speaking out loud, especially in front of a crowd.

I enjoy listening to Ted Talks and admire the abilities of the speakers. They are very content and clear with their thoughts. Since I have next to zero experience in public speaking, I always wish someday I could speak well in public with confidence like them. They really know how to deliver their massages effectively by speaking. I’m sure it must have taken a lot of practice and courage to build such courage and abilities over a long period of time.

I am all about bettering myself, so naturally felt the need to obtain public speaking skills and confidence, and it occurred me to join Toastmasters.

It’s been couple of months since I’ve joined and I’ve been putting off giving my first Ice Breaker speech. Finally I did my first talk in front of my group today (Jan 18) and I learned so much about myself from it already.

Even though I was only talking about myself and there was no rules to follow, I was totally nervous in front of less than 10 people. About 20 seconds in, my voice was trying to get shaky and I felt my face going numb. Luckily everyone there was nice and attentively listening to me with smile on their faces, so I was feeling more relaxed as I continued and eventually I was able to feel more like myself by the end of the speech. Later I got positive feedback from the members and I was told that I seemed comfortable and was smiling the whole time! It’s funny how differently we can appear from how we are feeling.

Thankful for infinite room for growth and the fact that we are all here to support each other and grow together.

I love how we are on our own journey but sharing the experiences at the same time. From the moment we realize that we are keeping each other company and providing support other than competing or judging each other, everything changes.


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