Day 133: Transparent Happiness

We more often than we should refrain ourselves from showing affection or expressing appreciation, because we want to save our face or protect ego. In case we don’t get the same back in return, we just don’t start at all.

Is it worth it? I think not.

We sometimes miss the timing to apologize as well for the same reason. Why do we hold ourselves back when we know deep down that some things need to be said and heard?

Regret is the worst debt of mind no one can afford. Also time is irreversible and limited. Real success and freedom and the state of abundance are made from a true happiness and it is reached when our mind is free from regrets.

We should start letting each other know how great we are more often. A good energy feeds each other and the only outcome is more of it.


I am guilty of having “played hard to get” and acting cool by not showing/expressing how I really felt and acknowledging others’ efforts. At that time, it seemed to have worked out for me the way I intended and it was fun to see others trying even  harder to get a reaction out of me. But now I feel that it is like living behind a mask – not being who I truly am. It had appeared to be entertaining at the time, but it was damaging in the bigger picture.

Everyone wants to be appreciated and acknowledged. It doesn’t make us any cooler by ignoring it and not being impressed. We should build each other up instead of tearing each other down. When we add values and give without any expectations but with a genuine kindness, what comes back in return is immeasurable.

We are all connected. We can’t hide the energy. Thoughts are to be transferred and if you feel something, chances are it is mutual. So why hide? Strength is generated by positive energy. In order to reach the mindset of abundance, positivity should be present. We can create as much as we require. That’s why human mind is so powerful and we can make anything happen with our minds. Reality is created by our mind. We draw our own picture in the empty canvas. So it’s up to us to set the worth of it. There is no limit.

So no more holding back, only more gratitude and love.

Life is wonderful.


I love everyone in my life and thankful for everything that has happened to me.

We are equipped with everything we need and more.

Grateful infinitely.



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