Day 132: Fully Recharged

The year of 2016 has been a huge year for me. I have grown in so many directions and learned so many things that I have never knew about before.

I have changed. A lot. I think and feel differently. So now I speak and act differently. I would react to the same situation in a totally different way now compared to a year ago from now. Things that I have been reading and listening and the people I have been interacting are very different than I have in the past. What I eat, what I wear, what I do and where I go have also changed.

I’m a different person now. And I feel so great about it.

Like I have never been this much sure about myself and my life before.


I usually go see my mom, my step dad and my brother for Christmas and it has been for a week or two. But this time, I went for a longer time and it has been so recharging and meaningful for me. Especially with my aging parents who are so far away from me, every minute I spend with them has so much more meaning than every before.


My mom and I are very close. She is my best friend and the person I can talk about absolutely anything with. Even when I was little, she came to me as a best friend other than an authority figure. We are very much alike in almost every aspect in life. Interestingly though, we clash because we are so similar in so many ways. I guess that’s why it helps to be different from each other, so that the two can balance each other out. But because we are so much alike, even if a conflict occurs, it is easier to resolve because we truly understand where the whole thing is coming from. I just wish that we didn’t have any of those hick ups because we were spending a limited short time together.

My stepdad has grown on me so quickly because he is the right person for my mom and they are so good for each other. He is so good to my mum and I just love the way he looks at her. It has been a pleasant discovery for me to know that two individuals can actually disagree on something and still be civil about it. They would be having an “argument” but they are still so respectful and kind to each other. It’s like they are just having a great time together while learning about each other in a deeper level. My mum is not really open to reveal the fact that she has remarried. I understand that because this it how it is in Asian culture. But I am genuinely happy for her that she did. I am happy that she was able to find her true love and enjoyed her life with him. As a woman, I couldn’t be happier for her. And as a daughter, I am also happy that she had finally found someone that she could feel safe with and she could finally be just her own self without any worries.

Last not least, my brother is very special to me as well. He has a good heart and very committed. Once he set his mind to something, he gets it done and makes it happen. He has been always the brightest. He doesn’t really speak out, but it never meant he doesn’t know about his surroundings. It was the opposite. He always has the deepest insights and better understanding about things than anybody else. I almost feel like he possesses this special sense to perceive and understand things in a different dimension or something. Because he can just look through things and situations inside out within such a short time very accurately. That’s why when I encounter a difficult situation and when I just cant grasp what the hell is going on around me, he is my to go person and he has been giving me the best advice ever since.


I am truly lucky that I get all of these support and true love from my family. This has been the strongest motivation and a reason for me to do more and be better. I am so excited about my future and can’t wait to welcome all the great things ahead of us.


I am most grateful and happy about my family, my life and everything around me. I have nothing but love to give and I will make a change that will change so much bigger than me. I have been fully recharged and so ready for anything that is on its way to me.







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