Day 131: Heart Balloon

The weather in Vancouver and Calgary has been quite extreme.  Especially Vancouver has been rainy relentlessly for such a long time and now it snowed heavily which is unusual as far as I know. I thought I will never see snow in my address being right next to the seawall, but I guess I should remember to never say never.

I like all seasons. I love the greenery and the feeling of a new beginning in Spring, love the sun and the excitement in the air in Summer, love the beauty and the energy of prosperity in Fall and love the snow, the challenge, the coziness and the gatherings of family and friends to reminisce the year as well as the great reason to spoil the loved ones in Winter.

This year has been very special to me: I have immeasurable personal growth in every aspect of life. Just to name a few, my diet, body, perspectives, life style, habits, people around me, opinions… almost everything has changed – improved.

When I look back on my life especially this year, my heart gets swollen by the happiness and excitement I feel.

I have never been more thankful, happy and certain about myself and my life.

I truly have nothing but gratitude and love for the world and hope to become able to give as much as I would love to as soon as I can.



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