Day 129: Understanding Time = Understanding Life

When I was younger, I didn’t really think about the value of my time.

I have gone out or met someone/people only because I was bored or felt bad to reject. I have shared my stories or listened to others’ just to fill the time.

Now everything is different to me.

My default answer is No and it’s not to be impolite or selfish. In fact, it is more like out of respect for not only myself, for others as well.

We only have so much time. Budgeting time is so much more important than money as money comes and goes whereas time does not.

Because of the shift of my perception in the value of time, I have become more respectful for others’ time as much as mine.

So when someone actually spends time to listen to me or meet me, the level of my appreciation is very high. Because I treat others’ time as important as mine and I know how much it values.

When someone lets you into their lives, the least we can do is to be 100% present and be grateful and genuine. For me to actually include someone into my life means very much. I try to make sure that the people in my life knows how much I value them and I expect them to reciprocate if they could as I feel that it is only fair.

I used to play hard to get or what not… those silly little head games. I don’t do that any more. Life is too short to measure things and hold back. There is no guarantee that we can show what we feel later. When I feel like showing my gratitude or affection, I show it at my earliest and best possible. It feels great and there is never any regret doing so.

Ego is sometimes too much for living the life to the fullest. I would rather be able to laugh at myself lighthearted. We are all in our own unique journey and every single one is different. We are not in the same competition. We all understand and know what others are trying to do. We are all inter connected as well. Everything is transparent in terms of energy. We all should share, support, help better each other. Life is so much better when true happiness is in the air.

I love my life and want every one else to feel the same way.

We all should be Happiness Ambassador like the sun – giving, nurturing, bettering and generous.

Thankful and feeling blessed for everything.

My heart is filled with pure love and I am grateful.




Just the thought of the infinite possibility of anything and everything gets my mind near explosion of excitement, happiness and gratitude.

The universe is indescribably beautiful and loving.

The mother.



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