Day 125: Balancing the Happiness Ball

Life is all about balance.

It is important to stay motivated and pursue life goals while it is equally essential to remain grateful for what we have now and live in the moment.


If I were to ask myself last year that if I would like to take my current job right now, my answer undoubtedly would have been a Hell Yes in a heartbeat. Due to my own projects and visions, I have been anxious about my master plan for the “rat race break”. I kept thinking about what I could have been doing if I was only working for myself and how much progress I would have made for myself within a short period of time compared to spending a big portion of time a day for something else at work. I came to realize that this worries don’t really serve me and only leaves me restless and unhappy. I need to be more grateful for being able to support myself while making awesome connections, learning a lot of new things and actually getting involved in interesting projects for the country I love. Luckily I do like what I do and the people and the organization have been nothing but amazing. I tend to be a bit hard on myself but I will remember to be kind to myself and let the universe take its time.


When I like something or someone, I am easily to give everything. I am trying to remind myself that I can only make someone else happy when I make myself happy first. Putting someone else first is nice but when I look at the bigger picture, I really should put my needs first so that I could serve better and longer.


Happy for what I have right at the moment. Everything around me and everyone near me have been such blessings and I’ve never been more grateful and content before.

When I think about my future, my heart gets swollen from the excitement and joy I can already feel. I am very thankful that life could be full of cheers and smiles by our choice.



This city is totally growing on me. Love you lovely city.

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