Day 124: My Turn

When I was a kid, I had no fear when my mom was near me. She was very gentle and loving, but she was also capable of being invincible and feisty when she needed to protect us.

I would like to see more of fire within her lately as she has been going through some physical changes.

She has gone through so much and my biggest motivation is to get her lifestyle back. All she has done so far is caring and putting others first. I am sure that she will get to a place where she would be entirely satisfied and happy again.


My mom had such a perfect childhood. She grew up with six siblings: two older brothers, two older sister, one younger brother and one younger sister. How perfect! Her mom was a well-known giver in town who was always helping others and served those who were in need. Her dad passed away when she was young, but due to her family having been serving the country for many generations, they had good land and abundant food.

She has provided me with even more perfect childhood. I had anything I needed and wanted. I was truly loved and accepted. There was no single doubt about that in my entirely life. It has given me such confidence in anything and I was able to grow up as an independent individual.


Thankful for all her love and support. My turn to give her the same love and support as she ages is coming soon, perhaps it’s here now already.

I will do my absolute best to make her so proud and show her how grateful I am for her never ending love and support.


Family is everything.



Freshly squeezed lemon juice with zero contact with any plastic.

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