Day 122: Recharged with Love and Motivation

Changing the air in the room and the house regularly is important for health. It always feels great to replace the stale air with the fresh air.

Our mind is the same. It is essential to refresh our mind once in awhile by changing the scenery or trying something new to stimulate our senses.

Coming back to Calgary always leaves me grateful and how wonderful my life has been. I cherish and adore every minute of it and it inspires me to do more and be better so that I can give back multiplied. I am who I am because of my past and I am thankful for my time here and everyone whom I came in contact with. Everything was needed to make me who I am now and all has been very timely. Even if I could go back in time and change something, I will not change a single thing, even an embarrassing moment I could live without. I will make the exact same mistake at the same time so that nothing will change.

It also makes me appreciate Vancouver more as well. Moving to Vancouver has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself so far and I love the city more and more every day. Vancouver truly has everything I need in abundance and it is such a rich environment with a sense of freedom. I love how we have the ocean and the mountains so close. Now I get why the licence plate reads ‘Beautiful British Columbia’, because it truly is breathtakingly beautiful.

Canada is such a great country to live. I’ve only gone to five countries so far, but I deeply feel like I love it here. It feels right to call here home and I am grateful.


Thankful for everything in the past, right now and in the future.

Happy and feeling blessed.



Love this city. Even the cops drive a black pick up truck!!! ❤ Swoon



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