Day 121: Colourful

We are supposed to only compare us to ourselves in the past, not to someone else. We are all writing our own book and everyone is going at their own pace in different orders.


When I was working at a Law firm, I met a good friend there. She was very similar to me: being away from the family, alone in Canada but loving the life here, having a clear goal in life, knowing who we are and what we like and dislike, having a good and solid family support and all. She was honest and genuine and we got along well.

We had a good Saturday evening and night today. We caught up on several things and went out to a concert together.

She is a few years younger than me, but she is a mom now. When I found out, I was more than thrilled for her. I have known her before she met her boyfriend and I have witnessed how their relationship started. I really liked the way he looks at her at the beginning and it made me entirely trust him. He still looks at her the same way and it is very comforting to know my good friend is with a good person like him.


Life is so interesting. I am grateful to see and learn all these lives fan out differently.


Thankful for good people and energy around me.




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