Day 120: Life as a Piece of Art

Life is like an empty canvas. We can draw anything we want and price it whatever we want. It is entirely up to us whether to create a master piece or less.

We are free to choose any colour or tone, size, anything. We can use any materials we would like and draw any objects we want in our canvas either real or imaginary.

We have been given this power and the universe gives in abundance. We don’t need to know how we are going to get all the resources. All we need to know is what we are going to add in our canvas.

One thing we should remember though is that we only get one canvas and there is no eraser.

If you get greedy and take too much paint (or your choice of material), the canvas will be ruined.

It is important to know what you want to draw because you can only pivot so much. As you draw in more and more, it is going to be harder to correct it later on.

I am so grateful for all these people I have been meeting in this visit. They have made me the luckiest person in the world to have known them and had a privilege to call them my close friends and good associates.

I honestly really truly have nothing but love for the world. I have so much to give and return everything I have given hopefully more and better too. I will try my best to thank Mother Nature properly, up to my standard.

Full of gratitude and love.

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