Day 119: Writing My Own Price Tag

There are many things that people do and can get away with. They might not be necessarily harmful or damaging anything directly, but they do hurt something. That is Integrity.


I could do something else at work when things are slow, but I look for other things that I could do for work first before anything, because I don’t get paid to be there and do something else. As much as I want them to value my time and efforts, I want to make sure I add value to them equally.

I could continue talking to other guys for fun since things are not official with this one particular person, but I refuse to do so because I want this to work and giving it my 100% is what I choose to do. I don’t want to spread my focus thin and I feel that he deserves my full attention. Genuineness is mutual. Since everyone is all inter-connected, this energy is inevitably going to travel both ways and I believe it has.

I could self check out a bag of organic almonds as regular almonds without having anyone noticed, but I choose not to because it is stealing, dishonesty and I don’t want anyone to cheat me when they do business with me. Being sneaky and getting away with it might give the adrenaline rush, but once that kind of energy is released to the universe, it is going to return to its creator and treat him or her the same way.


My mom used to tell me to maintain a proper posture whether someone is around or not. Even if no one is looking or even when just being alone in the house, having a warm facial expression and a correct posture give such a big sense of being in control and confidence. Once you “train” yourself like that all the time, it becomes who you are and it doesn’t come to you as a difficult thing to do when you must sit up right and put on a presentable face for a long time in public. It’s also not to show, it is for ourselves becoming the best version possible. It gives a good feeling through our veins when things are at our best and when we are happy.


Being loyal and protecting our integrity = the foundation of success.

Thankful for the universe being fair yet generously giving and nurturing.



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