Day 118: Presence is a Present

Time is the most essential ingredient in any success. It tests, solidifies and buffers.


Things that are valuable doesn’t come instantly. they usually requires patience and this gets rid of flakes.

Time strengthens existing foundation.

The universe take her time in operation. It always brings about the best results and has only our best interest at heart. This gives good safety cushion while things are falling into the right places and we just need to trust that it is in the works.


Today I was meeting and catching up with several close friends and good associates to touch base from the moment I arrived since the morning. I feel very lucky that there are many great people who still welcome me whenever I visit despite the physical distance and less frequency in communication. Paying a visit is, I believe, one of the most effective ways to maintain good relationships. It is an act of investment. Enjoying each other’s company and keeping each other current with whereabouts always bring about the good feelings and great rapports.

Thankful for my good friends and people I know. Grateful for welcoming me always.

I love this city. I am who I am because of my time here. Feeling full of gratitude, blessed, and happiness.



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