Day 117: Positively Charged

I am very grateful for having worked at a bank. The experience had allowed me to make a number of important connections and taught me about a lot of insights of many different fields. Every day I was there to learn something and I enjoyed very much every moment of it.

Today I caught up with a good friend, who is like a mentor figure to me especially when I got a job offer at a Law firm, he had been my go to person to ask questions and get advice from. He certainly has seen how much I have changed and he was very happy for me. Since he is a successful professional himself, compliments coming from him has been very special and meaningful for me.

It is always so heartwarming to see the familiar faces in a new environment. I was thankful for being able to connect with such a great individual.

Thank you for being an inspiration and a great example.

I enjoy having great people around me in my life.


My second hometown where I entered into my young adulthood.

Love and grateful for this city.


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