Day 116: Heart Fully Recharged

This weekend has been my favourite this whole year so far. It’s a good feeling when you find yourself among the people whom you totally trust and you absolutely enjoy spending your precious time with, enjoying a great time and feeling connected.

I have been very lucky to have met some awesome individuals in Vancouver. This city has a reputation of being difficult to make friends, but it is actually the mindset you have for yourself which ends up becoming reality. I felt that because of the reputation, people actually put even more efforts to be more opened to new comers and are more willing to make friends. It has been fun to meet new people and learning about the city.

My friends are health conscious, outdoorsy, active and motivated. It is so great to surround myself with like minded people and help build each other while having so much fun together.

Thankful for wonderful human relationships. They make our lives so much more meaningful, enjoyable and richer. Life has its ups and downs and good friends make those times into good stories.

Grateful for good feelings in my heart.

Feeling blessed and full of love.



Awwwww fur baby

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