Day 110: A Big Bundle of Happiness

The universe sets you up with the best timing for everything, always.

When you know exactly what you want and place an order to the universe, you receive exactly that.


My whole life has been always this way, and I just didn’t know why I am so lucky, but since I’ve discovered about the law of attraction, metaphysics and such, it all makes perfect sense to me now.

Today, I had such a great day with one of my closest friend and she was there to witness part of it and I am so thrilled.

We talked about how it’s been working out for me and had some good conversations. We shared our experiences and thoughts around them. It was such a wonderful time talking and sharing our inner thoughts.

I was very happy that she was with me to see them. I think she believes how powerful and inevitable it is more now and hope that she will also start using it for her advantage.

Good people share similar vibrations. Today I saw my two good friends’ frequencies syncing up and I couldn’t be more happy!

When we had to abandon a plan that we made for the rest of the night, we were able to dodge it so seamlessly. We couldn’t stop giggling about how perfectly everything ended up all day today.

Grateful for all these nice people around me and good energy that keeps all of us positive and happy. Life is just a big bundle of gifts and laughter. Thankful for every second of it.


Today at the health show, I met this awesomely nice girl who was also a lifter and a clean, conscious eater. She was so genuine and willing to share her experience and knowledge. I love how good people are just so transparent and able to project their decent energy through their calm voices.  I invited her to come along when I go hiking. Hope she can make it!

As I’m typing this, she replied Yes.

How awesome!!!! 😀


IMG_0583.JPGI just love cooking lol


My Favourite Activities:

Reading, cooking, sunbathing, yoga, meditating, lifting, running, piano, drawing, making, music, good movies, traveling, boating, snowboarding, hiking, biking, rollerblading, driving, eating, sleeping, writing, listening… and ❤





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