Day 109: This Time of Year

I visit my family every Christmas. I would love to go see them more often and it has been one of my biggest motivations to become financially independent. Especially, for those times when mum needs me the most…going to a doctor’s office for treatments or going through severe physical pains here and there. I would like to take her to the doctors and hold her soft hands while sitting beside her. There must be also many psychologically challenging times even though she wouldn’t share them too much with me. I want to be there for that, too.

Each year I notice differences in her physics. It has been such a powerful indicator of how fast time is going by and how much time I might have left with her.

Exactly 11 years ago, I came to Canada. It wasn’t a plan to stay this long at the beginning. In fact, I didn’t have any set plans to begin with. I only had goals: to be able to express myself in English freely and integrate myself perfectly into this culture and society.

I went out to the Rockies a few time as an avid hiker and a winter sports lover and fell in love with Alberta nature’s beauty. I was totally captivated and instantly saw myself living here for a very long time. For the first time, I had goals and visions in my life about my very own future. I am very grateful for this life altering inspiration Canada has given to me.

Life is like a photo album. We collect memories we want to keep. I am certainly missing a lot of ones with my mom and it breaks my heart. But I am thriving to make up for those lost times and it is going to be very rewarding and satisfying.

I will use all these emotions as a fuel to accelerate and become more.

Having an ultimate goal keep me in the right track. I am thankful for having realized this and working towards what I want to achieve.




A beautiful winery wedding.


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