Day 108: Living Passionately Leaves No Regret

When the urge to fulfill desire hits you like a tide, it is not possible to stop it. You might have had a perfect plan for it in advanced. There are certain things that we are supposed to do and not to in terms of timing.

But life never happens the way we expected or intended to be. It is all about being ready already so that we can grab it when it appears.


Knowing all these in my head, I still had a rough blueprint of what I should be doing and not. Especially becoming older as it turned out meant less spontaneity.

I was totally in the moment last night and the 25 year old me said ‘Oh my gosh, just go ahead!’, but the older me held me down saying ‘Slow down! You might blow it.’

What did I do? The younger me won. I just did what felt right at the moment instead of thinking too hard.

Things never happen the way we plan. I believe that when we trust our intuition and follow the gut feelings, the universe will guide us towards exactly the best way to get to our true happiness.

It might have been too early but I don’t regret it. Because if I could go back in time and get to make a decision, I will do the same again.

Live with passion.
-Tony Robbins

Thankful for my own courage. I am really happy deeply.




Too many good books to read, too little time in hand.

All I wanna do is read, read and read.

Another strong motivation to join the NR ASAP!




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