Day 107: New Me

Getting up early in the morning used to be the hardest thing for me to do. Now it has become a routine of mine. It feels so great to be up and going towards my goals earlier than anybody else. Not that I am competing, but just that being different from majority of people makes me feel like I am making a difference.

I like to start my morning by breaking the sweat. Preferably by lifting, but I also do enjoy running, so either way I feel liberated when I move my body to be fully awake from a nice long rest.


I used to be a slave to coffee: I couldn’t function until I had my cup of black coffee. I disliked the feeling of being dependent very much. I wanted to stop feeling so powerless over caffeine. So one day I just pulled cold turkey on it. Not going to lie, the first two weeks had been miserable. But I started feeling better going into the third week and a habit of drinking green tea had my skin cleared. I was really into the side effects of quitting coffee. Getting up in the morning had become much easier and I was consuming more water than before without forcing it. I felt so great and better overall. I have never gone back ever since. I mean I still love the smell of coffee, but I prefer decaf now if I was to drink coffee for some reason.


I used to be one of the people who had to wear the most recent trendy piece of clothing or accessary. I only worn certain brand names and thought of it like a social status. Now I would choose to go to Mexico 2-3 times over a hottest purse any day. Material things have become quite meaningless to me. I value life experience so much more than anything. I mean a little vanity doesn’t hurt and I do enjoy small treats here and there, but it is not that excessive anymore for sure. I don’t wear the perfect makeup and hair every single day anymore either. I used to be all done up 24/7, even for outdoor activities which is now I realize quite ridiculous! I can have a good laugh about that now. I thrive for natural beauty since last year. I stopped dying my hair and applying fake lashes. Instead of being the picture perfect, I would like to be the person who has a nice smile and looks pretty effortlessly. I love how there is a minimal difference in my face between with makeup and without makeup. I feel so free since I gave up on looking “perfect” all the time.



These drastic changes in myself have only taken place within a year. Is it because I was getting older? Or because I had left my comfort zone and had to grow more in order to adopt/survive? Not sure exactly what happened to me, but what I can say is that I have never been more sure about myself and my life before and it feels spectacular.


Grateful for my journey being such exciting and fun. I can’t wait to see what’s more in store for me and learn more and grown taller.



My heart is melting ❤

#dogsmakeeverythingbetter #loveanimals


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