Day 105: Contentment

Where is your happy place?


We are all on our own journey. Everyone is heading towards all different directions at different rates of speed. Once in a while, we need to stop and tune, replenish and rest. It is necessary to last longer and reach further.

Reviewing goals & progress and general check up on each other or on oneself is crucial to succeed in any journey.


Where and when do we do that?


It is about the mental status other than a particular space or person, which means we can visit the ‘happy place’ wherever and whenever.


Meditating has been a great practice for me to find that balance. We don’t really take time to just think. Like we go to the gym and take time to train our muscles, I believe that we need to take time to actually think. Only thinking. Since we think by using the thinking muscles, we need to keep using those muscles to get better at it. Thinking is no different. It also requires practice.


Visiting out happy place means being in tuned with our own mind.


Grateful for everything.

I am the captain of my soul. I design my own canvas.

I get what I want the way I want it, because I order it exactly the way I wanted it.

I am happier everyday.



Expanding the horizon.


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