Day 103: Rainy Day Bright Moments

I’ve been working as a contractor as I enjoyed having options to pick and choose whatever the assignments and projects that fit my interest and schedule. I also needed time for my own projects, so this has been working out wonderfully for me.

Aligned with my love for Canada, I always thought that being involved with the government body would be wonderful. So when this opportunity coincidentally came up, I accepted it despite more hours required to put in.

What’s even better is that the people around me have been absolutely amazing to work with. Colleagues come off of you more than you would like. We spend more time with them than with our own family. This extensive amount of daily exposure inevitably has a big impact on us and this is something we need to really watch how we manage it.

I am very happy to be asked to become a permanent member of our team.  I really like every single one at work and I enjoy my role there. They have been such a wonderful bunch to be around everyday. I am always looking to obtain more time for myself, so I was frankly hoping to reduce the hours, but I know it will come eventually. I am just grateful that they appreciate what I do and my presence there as much as I do for them.


Thankful and happy about the time, experience and connections I have with this organization. When you treat everyone with wholeheartedness, it returns multiplied.



Today (technically last night) has been also special. I enjoy and appreciate so much of good quality conversations, and when I come across someone who can hold such conversations well with me while having fun also, I am totally sold. I am stoked that I have met someone like that.

Finally checked out the arena in the city since I moved. I am not a huge follower of hockey, but I absolutely love the energy and the excitement at the games. Tonight I realized Vancouver has really grown on me. I mean making this city my home has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself so far, so it felt natural to cheer for Canucks.

My heart was beating out of my chest this evening. There were up and down, but it’s all learning experiences. Got a good feeling.







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