Day 102: Genuine Kindness to Open All Doors

When you talk to and listen to every one with the same level of respect and care, magic happens.

It could easily happen when things get busy at work, if someone irrelevant visits without a notice and wants to chit chat, it is very difficult to maintain the zen and be at the best we could be. But in the exact same situation, if the visitor was someone very high up or more important to us or what not, regardless the topic or timing, our attitude wouldn’t be the same as the previous example.

But that’s when the true law of attraction becomes fully in action.

No one is more or less important. It is easy to look at the surface of the person such as appearance or position in the workplace and adjust the level of kindness. But what we should really look at is the soul. When we get to the level of the two souls communicating with each other, the conversation always produces benefits for both ends and the pleasantness we get out of it is the purest.

I am guilty of having been selective in the past, but I have become more conscious about it and focused more on the energy in the room and the soul I am in contact with. Since then, every conversation is enjoyable and gives me a solution for something. It creates such a nice harmony, soft air in the space and the intruding visits just don’t happen anymore magically. Nothing has been said about it and there was only a genuine welcoming towards whoever whenever that approached to talk. When their time is appreciated and respected no matter what, the same appreciation and respect return to us organically. It is such a magical phenomenon.

Wherever you are from and whenever you were born, all moms say this to their children: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

As I get older, I find more and more of the things that my mum was telling me are so true and profound. I wish I wrote down all of them.

Never stop being kind.

If you have to choose to be right or kind, always choose to be kind.
Being kind is always right.

Grateful for everyone around me, because luckily for me they make it so easy for me to stay kind and at my best. Thankful for the universe placing these wonderful humans around me and making my life even greater. Feeling lucky and blessed.



That face tho LOL

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