Day 100: Grateful and Humble

I can’t believe I’ve been posting every day for 100 days now. This is such an accomplishment for me and it makes me so proud!

There were some times where I felt like ‘Ugh I just wanna go to bed right now. Why should I do this?’ or just didn’t have anything to say off the top of my head. But this has made me to actually take time, review my day and think. Thinking requires muscles and we don’t really use the thinking muscles more than we think nor we should. This has “forced” me to find something I can be grateful for daily and there always was something. I always found something and often times there were more than one.

I didn’t start this to drive traffic or become visible in the online world. It is just a method of putting my grateful energy out in the world and makes it official so that I am “obligated’ to continue. Promises are often easier to keep when there are more eyes watching you. I wanted to do this and I wanted to do this for a long time, so blogging was a perfect idea for me.

But since I’ve been a very private person and someone somewhere WILL read my writings, it was a challenge for me. But I knew I should learn to get over it and just grow. Someone reads my posting and thinks it’s is bad. So what? I’ve learned to grow some thick skin and never looked back.

I can confidently say that this has been a great tool for me to better myself in many aspects. Now my “thanking” muscles are quite well built. I am confident that I can find something I can be thankful for in anything and any situation.

When I’m on the SkyTrain, I practice using my “focusing” muscles sometimes. How? I look out the window and give myself an order: Find Red. Then I start noticing so many red objects. Cars, signs, clothing and so on. Then I go, Find Blue. All of sudden, all I see is blue objects. I don’t notice red anymore, because now my focus is on blue.

So then I apply the same method to ideas and goals. What do I want to achieve today? Not enough time? But once my mind is set to brew my kombucha tonight, I somehow manage to brew a batch and do other things I normally do in the evening. I didn’t get extra hours, the hours I had was the same as yesterday, but when a focus is planted in the mind, it happens. It finds a way to take place.

Thanking is the same. Even though when I feel like I have nothing to write about, once I breath deeply and think and feel, it just comes. There are too many to write about a moment later. When my posing is short, it’s not when I have nothing to write about. It’s almost always when I am too tired to stay up longer or physically tired – mostly from hiking or running!

Every situation has a gift in it. Even if you stayed in your room all day, there is still something to be grateful for. This has been such a great experience so far and I can’t wait to what more wonderful things will be brought to be by this energy I’m sending out to the universe.

Tonight has been an extraordinary day, especially. I am now (unofficially) a living proof of the law of attraction as I told my mom enthusiastically. It really happened and I’m just so grateful. Even more grateful.

Like ordering a coffee at a coffee shop, we need to order exactly the way we want it. If you stood there and say hesitantly ‘Ah…I don’t want Chai tea, I don’t want Mocha, I don’t want this and that…’, it will get you nothing. I had ordered ‘I want this, this, and this in a guy.’ and next thing I know, I was talking to him. I mean it is wayyyyy to early to say anything about this, but just to give an example of the law of attraction. My point is that the universe reciprocates and gives. It is true. I didn’t apply for my job. It came to me. I just always wanted to be involved in this field and with this organization, but it wasn’t just around for me to take a shot at it. But instead, it just happened to me. If it’s not two frequencies resonating and bringing each other together, I don’t know what is.

The best way to predict your future is creating it.

Someone else’s quote.

Thank you for everything that happens to me, around me, within me and all of that.

I am just speechless and feeling blessed and lucky to experience what has been happening to me so far.

Despite the unknown and uncertainty, instead of being feared and worried, I faced right at it went for it when I first moved here last year. It was like starting from scratch all over for me. But I had faith and vision. And I believed in them. Therefore I was fearless and even became excited to see what this new chapter has in store for me.

Grateful so deeply.



I’ve got nothing but love for the world.

My life is going to be about giving back and showing my appreciation.



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