Day 98: Four Quarters

In our lifetime we only get to make a few deep connections. It is true that there are billions of people on planet, but do we really get to meet all of them? and is it even necessary? Even if we can meet all of them, we only have a handful of hours and only so much time in our lives. All we can do is to be at our best with every interaction and select ones we value the most. We could either have a few solid relationships or numerous shallow connections and it is different for everybody what has the higher value. Personally, I would rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.

When I do come across an outstanding vibe, I try my best to show my appreciation and don’t think about how long it would last for me. It is not about how long, it is about how we do.

Grateful for a few meaningful connections I have made so far. Some were short, some are still around. Either way, they all have been a fertilizer to me and I am ever grateful for having them featured in my book of life.



With my best friend, my mum.



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