Day 97: Evolution Through Experiments and Lessons

Summer of 2012:
Eating healthy brings about more than just a healthier body. Since I became more conscious about what I eat, I have become a new person. How I think and feel is different than before. I have a clearer consciousness which allows me to make better decision. I am more in tuned with my body and thoughts, so my mood is always positive. It has such a great domino effect that the level of performance increases and the quality of relationships improves. Having this state apparently it shows to others, too. It has been very empowering and I want to promote how great it is. Seeing my family doing better and happier after listening to my suggestions in diet has been one of the biggest joy I’ve ever experienced so far.

December 2012:
Thanks to the movie, Hungry for Change, I have quit white sugar and it’s how it all started – making my own makeup and cleaners. It had such an astonishing snow ball effect in every aspect of my life and it’s been a lasting effect as well.

February 2015:
I used to be one of those women who avoided lifting and only did cardio because looking manly and muscular wasn’t the goal. I couldn’t be more wrong. Now I want to get finer muscle definitions and lift heavy. Weight training has taught me a lot about myself physically and mentally. Now I have a good understanding about how my body reacts in certain movements, intensity and diet. Lifting resembles a lot with life in general I find. Like hard times make us stronger, make us grow, and give us wisdom, lifting is just like how our body handles and becomes with the heavy weights. Pushing the limit each time and challenging myself every time have been giving me such a joy of making progress, growth and achievement.

January 2016:
Finding the book, Think and Grow Rich also has created a massively important milestone in my life. Listening to his books and speech has been one of the most awakening moments I’ve ever had. I am not the same ever since. I think differently and process my thoughts and feelings differently. Shortly after that, I came to discover Tony Robbins and other great motivational speakers and coaches. I am learning every day and alongside my mind expands every day as well . Myself a month ago isn’t the same as me right now, because what I learned has effected me and I think and feel differently now from it. There are so many great materials out there and more in the makings. I am only going to be growing more and more.

February 2016:
As I became more aware about myself physically and intellectually, I’ve also become more conscious about my output towards the world. Since I started lifting, what I feed myself have become more meaningful and naturally I learned more about nutrition and the effects of foods in our body. Therefore, eliminating meat from my diet had been often on my mind, but my concern about sufficient protein intake for muscle growth always stopped the thought. But then one day I was talking to my friend who was omnivore, but eats small amount of meat, and she happened to describe eating meat in a certain way and it has shifted my perspective towards meat totally changed. She was not trying to convert me into a vegan as she was not. But I couldn’t look at a piece of meat on my plate as food any more. So I went from Paleo to Vegan in a snap of fingers. All meat to no meat. I wasn’t drinking milk since Hungry for Change, but I was still eating cheese, dairy ice cream and eggs. But I decided to be a total vegan and the differences I have experienced so far has been tremendously positive. They have been 2X, 3X of the effects from cutting defined sugar in a whole another level. i.e. mental clearity from no sugar < vegan.

My friends often wonder how hard it was for me to become and stay as a vegan. I always say that it was not hard as everyone including myself expected, but it is more inconvenient. Why? Animal products get in the food so sneakily. I only recently learned that gelatin was not vegan. I always read the ingredient list thoroughly and I watched for milk ingredients or honey etc. But gelatin hasn’t rang the bell for me before because I didn’t know how it was made.

It is really fun for me to discover vegan version of every food I have been eating in my pre-vegan days. I cook more now and I enjoy cooking more. I’ve noticed that the compost bin smells less bad and imagine how different our body would be.

Animal welfare and impact on nature would be a whole another thing to write about as it is extensive. To say it in one sentence, I went vegan for health benefits, and stay for the animals and nature.


Thankful for all my learning experiences and experiments with myself. Who knew I would go vegan? I certainly didn’t. Who knows what I would be next year? I don’t know and I’m excited to find out.

Grateful for the self-knowledge I’ve gained over time. Empowering and awakening.



I used to only read food ingredient lists but personal care products are no different. In fact, it is more important for those, because at least the toxins in food gets diluted from digestion process, but toxins that enters into our body hit the bloodstream instantly.

Eye makeup are the most crucial stuff to watch out for as it directly feeds the eye with it.



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