Day 96: Challenge Accepted

If you listen to your intuition, it will only result in putting you towards the direction you’ve been wanting to go.

The vibes can be felt regardless the distance or methods. The energy can travel anywhere ever freely. I’ve been in contact with such a challenge accompanied with a great enthusiasm that happened to be aligned with my own goal and desire. My answer from the heart was an instant “Hell yeah”, but I hesitated. Because it was absolutely out of my comfort zone . But the amount of intensity the person projected was burning through me. The challenge I faced was something I have always wanted badly. So I took a moment and let it soak me up.

I’ve been putting this idea on hold for such a long time due to worry and uncertainty around it. But what’s certain in life? There is no “perfect” timing. There is no such thing. Yet we tent to wait while losing time which is the most crucial resource to achieve all other goals. Waiting for the right timing is so counterproductive. To quote Jack Canfield, we need to ready, fire, and aim, not ready, aim and fire.

Now that I have a different mindset and a way of thinking, what did I do? I frigging accepted it! My face was blushed and I felt even slightly shaky but it was a good nervousness from a huge excitement. I am still in awe how bold I was to say yes to it. It wasn’t something that would come around. Even if it was, I was no longer willing to wait for the next one, because now I value my time in terms of minutes now.

So I said yes. Not sure what will happen next, but it ain’t matter to me anymore. Because it’s not about what comes next, it’s about what I become through this experience. And I know it is priceless.

Thank you for the challenge, Universe. It was a real good one.

Grateful for the limitless possibility and excitements & growths that come with.

Life is a series of gifts that keeps giving.

Thank you.



Still the hardest decision ever to make! ;p


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