Day 95: The Truman Show

How true where the focus goes, the energy flows.


Now I understand. I often feel like I must be on my own Truman show. Once I speak about something or have an interest in something, people around me start talking to me about it, people who has it or who are related show up to me and I become involved with it somehow. It’s uncanny.

  • When there are two rooms, each room has a piano in it and if you press C note in one room and go to the other room to check the strings in the piano, the string for note C will be vibrating. It is simply resonating with the other piano in the other room.
  • If the radio is tuned in 92.9 MHz in Calgary, you will get X929 not Country 105.

It works the same for us like gravity. We get what we think about. Our thoughts are energy so when we think about something, that energy attracts or reciprocates with the likeness.

It is crucial to not lose the focus when we want something. As we are running towards the “cheese”, we need to fix our eyes on the cheese and keep our chin up while hurdling the obstacles on our way.


Since I have many projects going on for myself with the full time job, my schedule is always full. I literally ration my time by minute. It might sound painful for some, but I am having a blast and it makes me feel alive. I love how busy I am. Therefore, meeting someone romantically hasn’t been on my mind for a quite a while now. I have been meeting many people, but my interest always has been in learning about either business or personal development.

One day recently it just hit me that I might have been taking myself too seriously and not having enough fun. I mean I’m in my prime age right now! I should be enjoying every minute of it! I needed to learn to run my life in balance.

Achieving goals is important, but sharing experience, growing together and helping each other multiply the joy of the whole journey and deepen the meaning. Like the African proverb, alone we can go fast, but together we can go further. Our ultimate goal is not to go fast. Our goal is to live the full life and get to enjoy it with loved ones.

Since I listened to Tony Robbins, I have given a thought to what I want in a man, instead of what I don’t want. So I had pretty clear picture of what I want in a man.

Well, lately I started talking to someone who has all traits I wanted in a guy. My list wasn’t long, but surely not easy to see all in one person.

Coincidence? I think not. In fact there is no such thing as coincidence. It’s the law of attraction. It’s the clear picture that I had sending the exact frequency out there.


I have been thinking of riding a bike to commute. I always look for more ways to burn more calories and get more exercise in, so couple of weeks ago, instead of just thinking about it, I decided to be proactive about it. So I talked to one person at work about it, asked some questions and the next week, “coincidentally” an event launched to promote the bike commute and my work is a part of it. Now I have access to the whole community not only within our organization, in our city and area too. I talked to someone from the group at my work today, she introduced me to the resources I could use, shared her stories and what she has learned so far from 15 years + of experience of bike commuting, and even gave me a map that displays the bike route in the city. It couldn’t turn out more perfectly.


One day I was searching for vegan restaurants for me to check out. I found a few interesting places and mentally bookmarked them. Several weeks passed. My friend suggested me a plan to check out a new vegan restaurant in town and it was one of the places I have found interesting. Couple of days later, a guy I recently started talking to told me that there is an awesome vegan restaurant I must check out and what was it? The exact same place.

I told my friend that I MUST be on my own Truman show. Since this place is sponsoring my show, I guess I will be eating there soon!

Small little things and they are not that significant. But it just proves it to me that everything lines up the way we think.

All we need to do is to ask for the right things and manifest.

We will get it.

We just need to use it as our advantage and use it well.


Thankful and amazed for our god-like ability.

Earl Nightingale said that animals are given a great ability to change themselves to blend in with their surroundings to protect themselves. We do not have that ability, but we have a greater ability, that is to change our surroundings to suit our needs.

Just grateful, happy and feeling lucky.



What a fun way to eat vegetables! Love Zucchini noodles ❤


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