Day 94: Moms Know Best

A young newly married woman was all alone with two babies. Her husband was in Iraq with his business partners for a new venture. Her income was solely relied on small savings and little money he wires from time to time.

It was a dark time. She often found herself depressed.

One day, she was fed up. She finally had it. She decided to take action for her children and herself.

What did she do? First she bought a whole set of encyclopedias and biographies of heroes, inventors, and world leaders. She was making an investment on what she believed worth the most: knowledge.

It was way more than she could afford. One payment was about 80% of her monthly budget. She managed to make an arrangement to pay in installments. It wasn’t going to be easy, especially with two young children. But she was fearless. She strongly believed that it was the best investment she could ever make at that time and she was willing to skip meals if she had to. She was right.


This woman is my mom.

She has given me and my brother a life long lasting gift that keeps giving.

Easy access to compounded knowledge, early exposures to beneficial books, and organically developed extensive reading habits have been a tremendous advantage for both of us. Especially my brother grew up among books. His IQ was measured as the top 1% of one of the eminent private schools in the city he was attending. I believe that it must have had something to do with the ample amount of reading he took up as growing up.

We scored high without putting efforts. We were often told that we can hold a deep conversation with adults for a good amount of time. We were not special. We just read lots of books.


I want to thank her for her intuitive decision and acknowledge her devotion and sacrifice she had made to raise us correctly and best way possible in her difficult circumstances.



When I was helpless, you were there for me.

When you are in need, I will be the first to support you.

I love you more than you can understand.




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