Day 93: Zero on My Mind

What is zero?

Is zero nothing or everything?


From a Joe Vitale’s book: Nothing is 100% certain. Even the mathematics is not certain, because of zero.

That is true. No matter how big the number is, after multiplying it by zero, it becomes zero.


My friend left a great quote during our MM meeting last Sunday: Try not to do everything, so you can actually do something.

When we try to do everything, we end up getting nothing done.

I have so many ideas to pursue and I haven’t been able to make up my mind on which to focus. Since I was passionate about all of them, I got most of them started at the same time instead of picking one. At the beginning, I had a sense of pride because I was doing so much. I also had an anticipation to leap 2 to 3X more than pursuing one, because my time was condensed. But now the honeymoon phase is over and the rate of progress I make has decreased. It’s time to focus on one thing and do it right. (Effectiveness > Efficiency)

I need to let go of everything, so that I can get everything.




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