Day 92: Bullet Proof Happiness

I truly believe that deep down everyone is a good person. People react and handle situations differently. It is not difficult to find people who make poor decisions and move by wrong motives, but it shouldn’t be a reason to lose faith in humanity, because we are all work in progress. We just happen to catch each other in a different chapter.

We are supposed to only compare ourselves to our past self, not to others. But we tend to look at someone else and feel bad about ourselves. No one likes to feel inferior and when this emotion occurs, it often results in bad reactions.

When we start reacting, we can’t win. We can handle situations better and make better decision, when we have been well thought out and prepared and that is when we are responding.

I used to get easily sucked in when I get exposed to other people’s strong reactions whether it was positive or negative. Now I have learned to sympathize and understand it other than become it which is today proven to be such a beneficial ability in life. Once we understand that we are in our own battle, not against each other, it shifts the whole frame. Then when we happen to encounter any upsetting emotions or situations produced by someone else’s reaction, it becomes effortless to handle it by responding  while being able to maintain our contentment. In this state, we are able to make better decisions, too. We can even find ourselves cheering for the other person to overcome whatever s/he might be handling right now in their life. We will even try to make it easier for them, so that their damage is less.


I am so grateful that I have become such a team player and a support for one another. I am not competing with everyone anymore but myself in the past. I now try to be better today than yesterday everyday. I don’t change my story in my book, because of someone else’s cover page. This realization has been so empowering and awakening for me personally. It has allowed me to grow more. It has become a bullet proof built-in happiness of mine.



Life is better when we dance to it.

Stop fighting.

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