Day 91: The Aladdin Factor

I am an avid student of Tony Robbins, Jack Canfiled, Jim Rohn, Tim Ferriss and such. The works of those great minds have brought me so much awakening realization and it has shaped my way of thinking dramatically.

Since I have listened to the Aladdin Factor at least five times, I now ask for what I want instead of wishing and thinking about it. Jack encourages that if we want to become successful, we need to initiate the conversation, make the connection, ask questions, learn and grow. This has been bringing me nothing but great joy and benefit so far. The old me would have never even thought of approaching to a public figure even though I admire their work a lot. Now I have enough confidence, believe that I could be as eminent as they are someday and realize that they are no different – they are also a son, daughter, brother, sister, and friend. No need to be afraid of talking to them. In fact, they most likely get less genuine random shout outs from ordinary people because of their social status when they could use those for their soul, so I think perhaps we should offer. I know my message would do good for them, so I send it in confidence.

I am now a LinkedIn connection with one of the most influential and brilliant documentary directors after personally talking to his assistant, and CEOs who are doing amazing works with flying colours in their field. Last night I have gotten a personal DM from a hot brained author I have a crush on. My rewards have been pretty awesome and I have no intention to slow down.

The universe gets you whatever you ask for. As David Schwartz said, we should think big. Dreaming big takes the same amount of energy to dream small. Then why the hell would we dream small, especially when we WILL get what we ask for?

Being fearless feels great.

Grateful and happy about everything. Life is awesome.




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