Day 90: Circle of Life

I am very lucky to have mom like mine.

She has taught me and shown me the greatest values since I was little. Not much words were said, and instead she would demonstrate in daily life. I believe that visual learning is the most powerful and lasting way to learn. The real life examples tend to leave marks on the brain like a branding iron especially for children. Once you witness how the principles are applied in life, the experience is here to stay. I am grateful that she has been a living proof of Action Speaks Loud Than Words.

She is a farmer’s daughter so she grew up not rich, but only modestly enough. Her mom was a very religious lady who was the world’s most generous and giving person she knows of. My grandma didn’t believe in having anything surplus. So she gave away whatever was excessive in her possession. My mom and aunts recall how they used to dislike seeing homeless people in their house when they come home from school. My grandma often had the homeless over to feed them and let them clean themselves. I can see how it must have effected her. My mom has the most tender and caring soul. She is quick to sacrifice herself to serve others. It often bothers me, because I care about her more than anything. It is her nature and she just can’t help it. She has been selfless ever since I’ve know her. I wish she starts to think about herself first and more often.

She grew up eating her family’s own crops. Eating what is directly from the mother nature has been always the norm for her. I have no memory of seeing any packaged or processed foods in our house growing up. I was always fed nice hot home cooked meals every day and deliciously prep vegetable or abundant of fruits are always available. I remember how I couldn’t wait to come home when I ate something from a friend’s house or somewhere else, because it tasted foul to my “spoiled” taste buds. It was just not right for me. It is not a mystery why our family has never been seriously ill or overweight. Thanks to my mom’s nourishing body fuel all those years, we were nothing but glowing.

She scores high not only as a mom, but also as a friend. She has the most genuine care and the deepest understanding. She makes people around her feel special and loved. Maybe because of that, she also attracts quality people. (Often she converts average people into quality people.)  I am always amazed by how easily she can make friends and how her friendship always ends up long term. She is a to-go person to confide in and you can do so with confidence. She is a friend who is down to earth and always willing. I always feel better after talking to her. Her honesty and compassion heal any pain and bring wonders. I feel lucky that this person is my best friend and she happens to be my mom, too. It makes me the luckiest human on earth.


My mom and I have similar bone structure and body shape. Her likes and dislikes in food, men, situations and many more categories are almost identical. We are always amazed by our similarity.

I sometimes feel like I have slowly grown to be like her like growing into a mold shaped like my mom. If I could become one tenth of a mom like her, I would still easily be the best mom in town. She is like a preview of my older self. I watch how she has been aging and I am paying even more attention not only to help her, also to observe closely for my information for the future.

Life is so interesting. Everything comes and goes in a circle. It gives and takes. In the end it all somehow balances out. She was once young, and she is getting older. It makes my heart wrenched thinking about it but I try to focus on what we can do now and more in the near future. I am happy that she is here, healthy and happy. It motivates me to be successful so that I could maximize my time with her.

I remember as a kid, looking at her doing up her hair in front of a mirror. I often exclaimed wow she is absolutely stunning. She was one vibrant gorgeous woman. I was always so proud to go places with her and enjoyed having her over to my school to show off how beautiful she was to my friends. She was my ego. When we go to a grocery store, every single time numerous men turned their heads and made a fool of themselves as I remember. I used to absolutely hated it as if when they check her out, it would wear out my precious mom and her beauty. She still finds it funny and adorable how protective I was for her. She is older now, but she still has grace and beauty. I would trade my time to have her longer. I haven’t been working towards my goals at the highest level lately and I should repeatedly remind myself more because time is already so precious and especially the time with my family is much more so.

Thankful for my ultimate motivation, my family. Especially my mom.

I am grateful for everything about her.



I am so happy for her as a woman having found the love that everyone wishes to find. As a woman in her age from her generation in her country when personally the timing was also the worst, she still found what she wanted and got it!  I couldn’t be more happy for her.

Because of her and my stepdad, now I know having different opinions or even arguing doesn’t necessarily involve raising voices or hostility. Two people can actually “fight” in peace! They have such a healthy and strong connection, love and understanding for each other. I know now how the real mature love is supposed to look like and feel like.

She has shown me that I can do anything as long as I have the courage to pursue it.

Thank you for being a living proof of everything good.


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