Day 89: Rain is a Good Thing

Rain is a natural phenomenon. It is necessary and inevitable. Either we like it or not, it is going to happen and we need to learn to coexist.

And in that case, why don’t we enjoy it? We should find a way to make a use of it and benefit from it.


I got rained on today. Quite heavily.

I got dripping wet. It sucked.

But I know it has taught me something valuable.

It is going to make me grow.

I am shivering now but it has washed me down.

I have a good story now.

I am better than before I got rained on.

I am going to thank this opportunity.


“Rain” is of course a metaphor.


I will shake it off effortlessly and start acting as a brand new person.

A better version of a person.



Thankful for the opportunity to finally check out BC Place tonight.

Gifts usually come at me when they are least expected.

Grateful 🙂


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