Day 88: Vulnerability

It is always nice to be reminded by others that we are worthy. Being someone who is irreplaceable, worthy of spending time with, worth to be associated with or be seen with … these bring us the feeling of happiness, proud, safety, acceptance, security and relief.

We are social creatures. No one wants to be alone and no can can make it too far all alone. Alone time is necessary, because it allows us to cooperate better. Being independent plays an important role… in a team. Me time feels great, when we know it is not permanent. Everything is all about balance after all. It is nice to have our privacy with respect within the reach of others in our control.

But the connection needs to be generated organically. It can’t be artificially grown to last. It could be purposely made, but its longevity and sincerity would be questionable.


Thankful for being needed, wanted, missed and thought of. Connections with others are in a sense like an umbilical cord.

I value the deep connections that I have now and more to make in the future.

The value of time only becomes higher as time goes. Spending time wisely beats spending or even saving money wisely any time. Another reason to be financially free, so that time could be spent only on things that truly matter.



We all want to be safe. We takes risks so that we can eventually be safe.






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