Day 87: The Ultimate Recipe

Progress makes happiness.
-Tony Robbins

Today I had a full day to myself to rest and cuddle up with my books. I gradually moved onto my laptop and had a blast with my imagination and vision sparking up resulted in another great idea for myself to pursue and achieve.

Relaxation fuels creativity. Whenever I end up spending too much time working on my project usually on the weekends, I visit the seawall and run or walk to let the breeze in my hair and soak up my eyes with the greenery and the ocean view. By the time I return to my home office, my energy and creativity levels are fully recharged. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, I play a few songs on the keyboard. Playing the piano is absolutely the most magical heeling method I know of. (Even Napoleon Hill used to play the piano to take a break from writing!) The famous Eureka moment wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t take a relaxing bath!

Feeling of going somewhere is necessary to feel alive. Maybe that’s why we sometimes go backwards even though it doesn’t serve us.  We need to feel the movement. It is a sign of our free will and liveliness. Some say feeling the pain is better than not feeling anything at all. Losing and digressing cause pain. Earning/gaining and progress bring about happiness.

Something to keep in mind like living in the past causes depression, living in the future causes anxiety and living in the present causes happiness.


Making progress in the present.

Could this be an ultimate recipe to happiness?

I think so.


Feeling great about a step forward, growth, adding depth and improving of quality I contribute daily.

Spending every moment of a day towards the life purpose is the best way to live the life.

Life of the “dreams”, happiness and freedom.

I am getting closer to my goals every day. For that I am very happy and grateful.



Right, Seamus?

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