Day 86: Time to Take a Deep Breath

My body finally got fed up. It’s fed up with my growing mental to-do list, and frustration.

Ever since I started working out regularly and eating clean, I just don’t get sick. Headaches I used to get often since I was a teenager have been gone forever and It’s been many years since I got the flu.

I didn’t get the flu, but my body was certainly acting up today. I started my day with an unusual mild headache. I didn’t want to feed into it, so I ignored it and didn’t pay attention to it. Well I tried. But as time passes, the heaviness in my head was growing and growing and later accompanied with the mild fever. When the vague dizziness kicked in, I realized I should go home.

I came home, made a big pot of herbal tea and rested.

Like a computer getting overheated from an extensive workload, my head must have had it. It was literally boiling up. The stress I have been feeling in the corner of my mind has been growing since the summer. I kept telling myself I would be different and get back on the track, but as things get more sure and comfortable around here, I might have lost a sense of urgency. In any games, the moment you slow down, it’s over. I let it happened with the bamboo toothbrush project earlier this year. I am not going to let it happen again.

Time is passing by. Either we are being dragged by it or leading it by the handle on it, it will go.

I do eagerly want to break free of this comfort zone and really start living my life the way I should be living it even though it is going to be rocky at the beginning. In the meantime, I should be also grateful for what I have now instead of resenting it. As Tony Robbins says, being led by a to-do list is dangerous. My motivation level is still high but I should be more strategic, and smart about things. Working hard or being swamped with tasks doesn’t make it important. It is just a waste of time and energy. I will review my goals more often and start measuring it more frequently, too. I will make sure what I do today will put me forward, closer to my goals tomorrow. I will not be afraid of delegation and will let go of my obsession with trying to control everything. I will be more flexible by looking at the bigger picture and taking myself more lightly.

I will think in terms of happiness, abundance and peace especially when I make decisions or plans.



If we only try to run fast, we are going to miss the nice view on our way to the destination. Get a map, find where you are and where you need to go, and know where you should be heading. Take the shortest route. Then you can walk in peace while smelling the flowers, too.

Don’t be running only because there is an empty road ahead of you. Know where it is taking you. The run that got you out of breath might not even lead you any closer to your destination. We only have so much fuel and the sunlight. Use them wisely.



If being efficient is doing the things right,
being effective is doing the right things.
– Tim Ferriss

Do the things that get you closer to your goals. Be Effective.

Doing more is not better.


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