Day 85: Small Win Big Satisfaction

This summer has been my first in Vancouver. I visited Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach Park and really enjoyed the run, the beach, and everything about it there. It is such a beautiful area. Since running 10k has been one of my goals, I have been meaning to run from my place to there for a while since the summer. I am not sure how far it is from my place to Jericho Beach, but I estimated it would be about 7km +-1km one way along the seawall.

Since I rarely stay out late on Friday nights, it is possible for me to get up early on a Saturday morning. So my ideal plan was to get up at about 7 a.m., have a decent breakfast and run until I get to the beach. I wanted to find out how long it would take me and how hard it would be for me as I haven’t been much of a runner just yet although I consider myself in a good shape.

Every weekend, however, I always decided to go to the gym instead. It is what I do every morning. It’s what I know and I do so easily. I do work hard though but the point is that I was too comfortable in my pattern. I kept putting it off every week and now I realize the summer has passed.

Because it was Thanksgiving long weekend, I planned to finally do it this time. Guess what? I managed to postpone once again and I felt so defeated and disappointed about it. It had to stop.

Today I slept in. It wasn’t my ideal way to start my run and it almost stopped me again too. But I meditated a little while and organized my thoughts and emotions. Instead of waiting until next Saturday again, I decided to make the most of what I have. Because starting late is still better than never.

It turned out to be such a gorgeous sunny day today. It had been rainy and cloudy for past several days, so the sunshine today has been a treat. I didn’t make it to Jericho beach, but it didn’t matter. It felt so great not only from the fresh air on my skin and feeling alive from adrenaline, mostly from the fact that I finally kept my word to myself and it was so rewarding and satisfying.

I can’t wait to finally run to the beach as I originally planned. I know I will pretty soon get up bright and early on a Saturday, have a delicious protein packed breakfast and revisit one of my favourite places on foot.

Small win, big satisfaction.

I will make sure to have a small win every day.



I want to be a great runner like Forrest Gump! :p


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